The Biois Valley, situated in the Agordino basin, teams beautiful landscapes with delicious, traditional local food.

Hotel Orsa Maggiore offers traditional local cuisine featuring top-quality ingredients sourced locally.

The chef serves mouth-watering specialties such as the famous minestra da orz (barley soup), gnocchi with ricotta, mushroom orzotto (similar to risotto, but made with pearl barley) and the traditional casunziei, home-made ravioli filled with herbs and served with melted butter and smoked ricotta.

Guests should not fail to try the tasty mountain dairy cheese and the local dairy products we are envied for worldwide, such as the delicately flavoured formai schiz – fresh cheese cooked with fresh cream from the pastures of Belluno, served with wholemeal polenta.
Equally famous is pastin, a local product made with minced pork and beef and just the right amount of spices

And then there are the irresistible traditional sweet delicacies of the Biois Valley, such as the famous, delicately flavoured carfogn, fried pastry parcels filled with poppy seeds, or the foresti, the traditional Carnival fried pastry specialityapple strudel and other sweet treats made with small local forest berries.

Finally, guests can enjoy a tasty, fortifying grappa made from mugo pine, with soothing properties for the airways, or juniper and karuo, a plant with digestive properties.

Upon request, our chef will be happy to create special dishes for guests with dietary intolerances.